DIY: Rustic Door Light Sconce

I think I’m obsessed with wall sconces. They are just such a different way to add light and I want to put them in every room in my house! Unlike table lamps, they don’t take up table space and easily adds volume to your wall. In this DIY, I will be showing you how simple it is to create a unique light using an old door and a plug in light sconce and all you need is a drill!


Materials & Tools You’ll Need:

  • Old Door
  • Plug In Light Sconce (I got mine here !)
  • Drill


I bought this incredibly heavy and chippy door from the coolest antique market here in Raleigh! It’s my favorite place to find all of my vintage and antique finds. I wasn’t sure how old the door was, but I wanted to make sure the paint was safe considering I have two little nuggets running around. For the preparation, I lightly sanded the big chipping paint pieces that were basically dangling by a thread just to prevent them from falling onto the floor in the future or getting in the way of the cleaning process.

The door had two sides. This cool chippy reddish brown color, and the other side- an off white. I chose to put my sconce on the white side because I thought the weird red would clash with my color scheme. I took some mild soap and a sponge and went to town. I tried to be really gentle because I like the way it naturally chipped and didn’t want to take all of the paint off. After scrubbing and scrubbing, my sponge was disgusting. So much dirt and grime that was accumulated over the years came off. With some soap and water, it literally became 5 shades lighter and I loved it even more!

To install your light sconce on the door, follow the instructions it comes with, or if you’re like me sometimes; wing it and hope for the best. I chose this specific sconce because 1, I loved it, so that helps….. 2, it swivels. & 3, because it has the ability to be plugged in with a flip switch OR be used with electrical wiring if want to get fancy with it. I didn’t want my chord hanging down in the front so I drilled a small hole and stuck the wiring through. You don’t need to drill a huge hole to fit the plug part because the cool thing about this sconce is that you can actually take the plug part off and make your chord either longer or shorter! Once you’ve stuck the wire through to the other side, attach the plug park back onto the cord and attach the scone to the mounting piece with the screws!

And that’s it! So simple & it takes under 10 minutes. I loved the way it turned out because it’s such a different way to add light to any area and makes for cool wall decor. Sometimes I struggle to find ideas for filling up a large wall- and this DIY seems to do the trick. You can add light sconces to antique shutters, a chalkboard, or an actual wall. Whatever your heart desires!


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